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Lab_13 News Updates

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Lab_13 News Updates

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Irchester News: Terrific Scientific supertasters and a stargazing night!

February 23, 2017

On Tuesday 31st of January, we held a stargazing evening but due to really bad weather we couldn’t see any stars or planets: it was foggy and raining. Instead we learnt lots of exciting things about space. We had a stargazing group called the Northamptonshire Amateur Astronomers visit with different types of telescopes and equipment. We got to look through them even though we could only see the walls! There was a really big telescope, which was a reflector; we could see our faces when we looked down the tube. There was a finderscope on top of the telescope which is for aiming where you want to look. Everyone had a good evening watching the presentation and learning about stars and planets. Sam’s favourite fact was how many constellations there are: 71 roughly.

We have been taking part in a science experiment called Terrific Scientific. Terrific Scientific is run by the BBC, they wanted us take part in a taste test. They wanted to see how many of us are non-tasters, tasters and supertasters. We had to dye our tongues blue and count how many pink bumps there are in the area of a punched hole. If there were 11+ you would be a supertaster, if you had 5-10 you would be a taster, if you had 0-4 you would be a non-taster.

Supertasters can taste bitter things more strongly like brussel sprouts; tasters can taste things strong but not too strong and like lots of foods and non-tasters can eat a lot because their taste buds are weak. On average 25% are supertasters and 40% tasters and 35% non-tasters.

At ICPS, we discovered that  9% were super tasters,   61% were tasters and  30% were non-tasters.

by Sam and Elisabeth




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