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Bat investigator photos! Our scientist in residence and some of the pupils had a Bat Hunt yesterday evening.  They learnt all about Echo location using high frequency detectors to pick up the bat social calls - basically they shout REALLY LOUD at things that are in the way & can tell from the echo exactly how far away things are & avoid bumping into them!

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On Thursday 7th July, Year 6 had their performance of A Midsummer Nights Dream at Wollaston Secondary School.

The students did a fantastic job, we were blown away by the talent shown and are incredibly proud of all the hard work they have put in to prepare for the performance.

A huge thank you to Mr Birkett, who has given his time to help the students rehearse and for all his advice.  Mrs Paltridge for her help with rehearsals, the Year 12 students for their fantastic make-up skills and everyone at Wollaston School for having the students there for the day and hosting the event in the evening.


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