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Primary Science CPD Courses

A set of CPD sessions designed to target specific aspects of ‘Working Scientifically’ in depth.

Each session aims to help teachers explore and review the key skills involved, the support that can be provided and a range of activities – generic and topic-linked – to guide children in working and thinking like a scientist.


Observation Tuesday 3rd May, 4-5.30pm – twilight £30

  • make careful observations using all of the senses
  • notice details
  • ask questions


Classifying and Sorting Tuesday 24th May, 4-5.30pm – twilight £30

  • make careful and accurate observations using all of their senses
  • use appropriate language to describe the features observed
  • sort items and make groups, giving reasons for the separations that are being made


Pattern Seeking Tuesday 14th June, 4-5.30pm – twilight £30

  • use tools and technologies to make accurate measurements and observations
  • have a system for recording the pattern, e.g. using pictures, tables, graphs or lists of calculations
  • describe the pattern they can see

For more infirmation, or bookings and enquiries please contact:

Irchester Community Primary School
01933 353848

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