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Lab_13 News Updates

To keep up to date with Lab_13 Irchester, you can follow what we are doing on our twitter feed @Lab_13Irchester, or on the Lab_13 blog. The lab committee make regular posts to share what we have been up to!

Lab_13 News Updates

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Gillespie news: Science Spectacular

January 17, 2017

Have you heard of the Gillespie Primary School Science Spectacular? Well, it’s only the most scientific, super, and spectacular show of the year! This show is different from other science shows and also better. It is not run by adults but by a team of children – Gillespie’s Lab_13 Committee. The evening will include scientists (both adults and children) from different disciplines of science and engineering displaying their research and inventions. This spectacular spectacle is designed to inspire everyone in the hall to look further into science / engineering. There will be a scientific surprise for all who attend the performance, which may be a once in a life time experience.

Save the date: Tuesday 14th March 2017. Children from Gillespie and other local schools in our STEAM Hub are invited and will receive invitations. Anyone else can contact Carole at if they want to come and she will pass on requests to the committee for approval.

One of the main sections in our Science Spectacular will feature an interview with an engineer who is taking part in the Primary Engineer project. This project is a national competition where children design an invention and pitch it in a letter to the engineers. Children will be sharing their ideas.

Written by Naomi and Zac, Y5

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