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Lab_13 News Updates

To keep up to date with Lab_13 Irchester, you can follow what we are doing on our twitter feed @Lab_13Irchester, or on the Lab_13 blog. The lab committee make regular posts to share what we have been up to!

Lab_13 News Updates

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Gillespie news: Ingenious Inventors & Materials Monopoly

January 24, 2017


On a cold Monday afternoon a club was held in Lab 13, it was called Ingenious Invenimg_42921tors. Many children came to the lab to participate. There were many different tables with many challenges and objects. We had 3 minutes to choose and complete a challenge. We used materials such as: plastic cups, foil, pipe cleaners, straws, and balloons. These activities were very fun and challenged us to think as a team/group. One of these challenges was: how can you use foil as a costume. We made a skirt, a T-shirt and trousers using foil.


On Tuesday morning, the lab committee received a parcel from Diane from the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining. It was a materials monopoly set! Instead of streets and properties it had materials such as: ceramic sand and steel plain carbon. It is a great set and we really enjoyed looking at it and can’t wait to play it!

Written by Naomi (Y5) and Choiying (Y6)

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