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Lab_13 News Updates

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Lab_13 News Updates

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Gillespie news: Epic Family Space Night

October 17, 2017

Epic Family Space Night

Telescope blog photo

It will be epic and the theme will be space.

It will be on Tuesday 5th December after school. We’re inviting children and families from our school. We want them to learn more about space and the wonders of the universe. We would also love it if children from the old committees or who used to go to Gillespie can come as well. We are also inviting teachers from other schools and their science committees so they can learn more about the committee and inspire their children to learn about science.

If you can come, you can expect workshops about space and art, and space

making activities. The telescope will be out and we will be hoping for no clouds! There may even be space food…

By the way, it’s the Halloween disco at Gillespie school in two days. I wonder, will anyone dress up in a scientific costume? For example you could come as a skeleton with the bones labelled.

Written by David (Y6) and Carole (Scientist in Residence)


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