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Lab_13 News Updates

To keep up to date with Lab_13 Irchester, you can follow what we are doing on our twitter feed @Lab_13Irchester, or on the Lab_13 blog. The lab committee make regular posts to share what we have been up to!

Lab_13 News Updates

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Lunch_lab at Lab_13 Irchester!

October 30, 2017

Every day at lunch time, two committee members will be on the playground doing a special science experiment for anyone to take part in! We call it Lunch_Lab, and would like to tell you about some of the things we have done recently.

First we have been doing leaf rubbings in lunch_lab. They look spectacular they look like they’re actually the real leaf before it was rubbed with a crayon. Lab_13 love them and are so amazed by the work. The younger children loved collecting leaves, and one boy did 6 leaf rubbings in one lunchtime! We carried on with the leaf theme, and make a leaf rainbow another week:


We have also done sinking and floating tests to see what sinks and what floats. If you’re up for a challenge the try and balance a paperclip on water: even though metal sinks a paperclip can float on the skin of the water! We also discovered that a ball of plasticine sinks, but make it a boat shape and it floats!


Last week, people came and coloured in their own camouflaging butterfly. They chose where to hide them, then coloured the butterflies in to disguise them. Everyone had so much fun creating their own little camouflage butterfly. And this week for lunch lab we will be looking at pictures of camouflaged animals, and trying to find hidden multi- coloured wool caterpillars: which colour will be able to hide in the bush the best?

By Brooke and Finlay

P.S as well as Lunch_Lab, Wildlife club does all sorts of animal activities every Wednesday, with help from Miss Draper and the Committee! This is them testing out different Bird Beaks:


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