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Lab_13 News Updates

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Lab_13 News Updates

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Lab_13 Nethergate at the Nottingham Science Fair

November 1, 2017

Pupils at Nethergate have recently been working in the Lab_13 with Scientist in Residence Betti Copperwood on some special investigations and experiments. These experiments were presented to parents, teachers and other children at the Nottingham Science Fair in October!

Nethergate team

Pupils Brianna, Kayden, Jon and Cameron worked with Betti for four weeks on experiments which were led by their own ideas. They were especially interested in experiments which produced exciting visual reactions, like the coke and menthos experiment. This led to an interest in different gases – their different weights and how they are produced.

At the Science Fair the group presented several experiments. The first involved mixing bicarbonate of soda and vinegar in a bottle and putting a balloon over the end – the carbon dioxide produced blows up the balloon! This balloon was passed around the audience and everyone could feel that it was heavier than a normal balloon, and much heavier than a helium balloon. It took three CO2 balloons to pull down a helium balloon!

Another experiment was adding sandpaper to coke, which produces a reaction similar to the coke and menthos experiment. This is because this reaction is physical not chemical, and it’s the rough surface of the menthos and sandpaper that produces the reaction.

The children shared their experiments with the other schools (including Lab_13 Rosehill) and youth groups at the Science Fair and were also able to try out other experiments like making slime, using microscopes and investigating optical fibres!

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