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Lab_13 News Updates

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Lab_13 News Updates

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Irchester research: how clean are your hands?

November 10, 2017

This week, we will be talking about the experiment Year Four did to find out if washing your hands actually works. They did it to show people how important proper handwashing is, to help keep people healthy and help SAM, our School Attendance Matters dog raise our attendance!

The way the experiment works is the whole group handed around a piece of bread with hands that were not washed, rinsed with water and washed with soap. Each time they used a different piece of bread. The idea was that the germs, bacteria and mould from the hands would be spread onto the bread. We left the bread slices in bags for the germs to grow, but sealed because we didn’t want any illnesses to spread. The control of the experiment is the slice of bread NOT touched by anyone, so we could see the difference our hands made. We also split the group into girls and boys, to see if there was a difference!

The results are…

Boys: Boys’ hands washed with water caused more mould to grow on the bread than dirty hands, probably due to bacteria liking water which helps them grow. Hands washed with soap were the cleanest, but still had quite a bit of mould.

Girls: The girls had the same pattern, but their hands were much cleaner than they boys, and after they washed their hands with soap there was hardly any mould at all!

So year 4 discovered that washing hands with only water actually makes germs spread faster, but using soap really does help. After washing their hands with soap the girls in our group put almost no mould on the bread, it was almost as clean as the control bread. Even though the boys got rid of some germs when washing their hands, maybe they need to be taught how to thoroughly wash their hands!

Year 4 told the rest of the school about their discoveries in assembly, hopefully their research will help all the children (and adults!) keep healthy this winter!

By Oliver (Yr 5) and Josh (Yr 6)

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