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Lab_13 News Updates

To keep up to date with Lab_13 Irchester, you can follow what we are doing on our twitter feed @Lab_13Irchester, or on the Lab_13 blog. The lab committee make regular posts to share what we have been up to!

Lab_13 News Updates

Just see what happens...

Exciting Experiments for schools visiting lab_13 Irchester!

May 3, 2018


Visitors from Whitefriars Primary, South End Infants and Risdene Academy came to Lab_13 last week to experiment about light, colours and how we see. They won a competition in their own schools:  about adaptation for KS2 and how rubbish affects wildlife for KS1. Coming to our lab was their prize: all the visiting children had a great time, and so did their teachers!

First they used CDs and coloured torches to split light into rainbows: they discovered that white light made a full rainbow, but coloured light only gave part of the rainbow. Then they made spinners with the CDs, blue tack and marbles, and coloured in the circle templates. They discovered that the colours mixed together when they span really fast.

They then investigated some jelly balls: at first they were invisible in the cup of water! When you look through them at something far away, everything is upside-down; but when you look through them at something up close it magnifies. The jelly ball acts the same as the lens in our eye, which is why the image we see at the back of our eye is upside down!

The last thing they did was dissect a pig’s eyeball. They are very similar to human ones, so that’s why they used them. We in the committee dissected an eyeball too: we discovered that if you look at the pupil, you’re actually looking at the retina at the back of your eye (because the pupil is actually transparent). The iris is the coloured part in your eye and the optic nerve sends the picture to your brain (where it gets turned the right way up again!) We also discovered that the inside of the eye is clear and jelly like, which is not what we expected.

By Saffron & Demi (yr 5)


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