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Lab_13 News Updates

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Lab_13 News Updates

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Irchester lab_13 investigation: What do the woodlice want?

May 21, 2018

Recently Family_lab helped us catch woodlice and make a woodlouse home in a box. Last week Year 2 got to find out some more about them! Year 2 are learning about habitats, so in the lab they experimented to see what habitat the woodlice like better by asking the woodlice! They made a home for them with one side wet paper towel and one side with dry paper towel to see witch side they prefer. Then they also did this but with light and dark, sand and soil and more!

After putting the woodlice in the enclosures, year 2 watched very carefully to see which side the woodlice went to, that would be the side they preferred. After a few minutes each group counted how many woodlice were on each side, and everyone added the results together.

In the end they found out woodlice mostly prefer dark, wet, soily places. The woodlice weren’t sure about wet or dry, 15 chose wet but 10 surprised year 2 by choosing dry! Almost all the woodlice chose the dark half, and soil rather than sand.

We asked some year 2‘s to tell us what they thought of the experiment, here is what Ava said: ‘I enjoyed it because I got to look at woodlice’

We asked Freya and Marli what they found out about woodlice: ‘We learnt that woodlice like soil and wet places’

Lastly here is what Esme said when we asked her what she found out about habitats: ‘I found out all insects have different habitats.’

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