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Lab_13 News Updates

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Lab_13 News Updates

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Alien Invasion at Irchester!

July 3, 2018

As part of our birthday celebrations last term, we launched a competition to design an alien! Stephen Hawking thought that as the universe is so huge, there must be some kind of life elsewhere, even though we haven’t discovered it yet. So the Committee asked pupils to show us what they thought alien life might look like, and they came up with some fantastic ideas: with pictures, collages, models and even a video!

We had lots and lots of entries, but could only choose 6 winners! The overall winner was Freddie in Year 6. His alien was a robotic type, with a very thoughtful backstory to it: the alien is called Peter from planet Cyberscrap. He is half alien with human DNA and has a probe he can use to take the temperature of other beings. Planet Cyberscrap used to be called Earth until the rubbish (that the humans littered) overtook, raising the temperature, and destroying the entire human race along with all living creatures. All that remained of human creation, apart from the rubbish, was Artificial intelligence. Now peter recycles to save his planet from the fate that the humans caused.

The runner up was Jack in yr 1, who made an amazing silver robot alien, with an openable chest showing his lungs, heart and squishy brain. The other key stage winners were: Sophia from yr 5 who made a squid like alien from Neptune with one adaptable eye and sensors to detect living things. Harry in yr 1 made an multi coloured alien with lots of eyes and arms for different uses, which lives on volcanic Venus. Charlotte and Kane from year 3 worked together to create an alien that rolls along the sea floor eating plastic. Finally Isabelle from Foundation created a great collage of an alien from Jupiter, with an antenna to detect its favourite foods of slime and bugs.


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