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Please see below a timetable of a typical school day.

8:00am Breakfast Club

The breakfast club meets daily from 8am and is an opportunity for parents to bring their child early to eat breakfast (usually cereal and toast and a drink) and be cared for by staff until the start of morning supervision. There is a daily charge of £2.20 per child.

8:10am Booster Groups / before school activities

Some older children are invited to join before school booster groups to work on additional literacy and numeracy activities. Other before school activites regularly take place such as music lessons or sports club.

8:40am Morning supervision

The doors to Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 open and from this time children may come into their classrooms to begin ‘start the day’ activities. Key Stage 2 children may change their reading books in the library and undertake reading quizzes on line.

8:50am School Starts

This is the official start of the school day by which time all children are expected to be in class.

8:55am Registration

Any children arriving after this time must be signed in by parents in the late book in the main school office.

9:00am Monday morning assembly

We start our week with a whole school assembly in the Key Stage 1 Hall. This is an important event, therefore, if a child arrives late their parents will be asked to wait with them in the entrance hall until assembly has finished.

10:00am Assemblies

Whole school assemblies are held at this time on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Class assemblies are held at 9:00am on Thursday mornings. 

10:15am Breaktime

Mid-morning break is for 15 minutes. Children may bring in a healthy snack or purchase one from the snack trolley. All children in Key Stage 1 and Foundation Stage benefit from a free piece of fruit daily, and all children have the opportunity to purchase a carton of milk through the Cool Milk scheme.

The Foundation Stage children have their playtime separately during the morning on the Early Years playground. They prepare a healthy snack together which is shared during the morning. A small donation from parents is requested to cover the cost.

12:30pm Lunchtime

This is a one hour break. However, the Foundation Stage and Year 1 children go into the dinner hall earlier so they may be served first and have plenty of time to eat their lunch. The children who do not have hot school meals, bring in a packed lunch or go home for lunch. Children are encouraged to eat what has been provided and are expected to show polite, respectful manners.

Hot School Meals (provided by Kingswood Catering)

Our school kitchen provides hot school dinners which meet all nutritional recommendations. Children may select which days they would like to have lunch and parents order and pay on line using the Kingswood Catering website.  All Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 pupils have a free lunch, plus those KS2 children eligible for pupil premium. The cost for KS2 children is £2.30 a meal.  Orders for meals must be made in advance by the Wednesday of the week before. The school office is happy to provide any support needed when ordering lunches.

For further information please consult Kingswood Catering website.  

Packed Lunches

We ask that if parents prefer their children to have a packed lunch then it is healthy, balanced and nutritionally sound. We do not allow chocolate bars, sweets, canned or fizzy drinks, and recommend only one packet of crisps (if at all) and a piece of fruit.
Children who go home for lunch need to be met by an adult at 12.30pm, signed out at the office and returned to sign in again between 1.25pm and 1.30pm.

Lunchtime Playtime

Lunchtime is supervised indoors and outdoors, by a team of support staff who help to acknowledge and promote positive play and happy communal eating. We have a play leader who plans games and sports activities for the children during the lunch break. The Anti-bulling Ambassadors are on duty everyday too. The same, positive expectations of behaviour apply at lunchtimes as in lesson times, whether indoors or outside. There is a first aider and senior member of staff on duty at lunchtimes.

1:30pm Afternoon registration and lessons

2:45 pm Friday Gold Award Ceremony

We end our week with the celebration of our children’s achievements. Children who have been nominated for a gold award receive an invitation inviting them and their parents/ guests to attend the ceremony.

3:15pm End of the school day

At the end of the day, Key Stage 1 and Foundation Stage children are collected from positions close to their classrooms. If parents wish Key Stage 2 children may walk to and from school unaccompanied once the school has been informed. All children are advised to return to their class or to the office if the person usually meeting them is not there, or if there are any concerns.

3:15pm After school activities

We have a wide range of after school activities available for the children to attend. Some are free as they are run by staff, others require a fee as they are organised by outside agencies. Any information regarding clubs availability can be obtained from the school office.

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Fri, 09 Jun 2023 9:00 am - 9:30 am