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ParentVoiceWelcome to Parent Voice: a chance for parents to have a say and be involved in the running of the school; a group run by parents, for parents.

We are an informal, positive, unelected group that meets each term to discuss topics such as the new curriculum, suggestions for the new playground, homework, the quality provided by uniform suppliers and other policies on which the Head and Governors would like our opinion.  The meetings are chaired by one of the parents on a rota basis, however no one is pressured into doing this if they don’t feel comfortable. 

It’s important that parents who want to get involved have an opportunity to do so.  Therefore, there will always be two meetings: one in the morning and one in the evening (9am or 7pm) at the school.

More information about Parent Voice, including the guidelines for the group can be found below and the agendas, items discussed and other supporting documents can be downloaded by clicking the associated links in the sidebar.

If you have a question about Parent Voice in general, any of the issues discussed in the meetings, etc, or would like to add anything to the agenda for the next meeting, you can get in touch by email or Facebook.



The purpose of Parent Voice is to work together as parents, alongside the school and Head teacher for the best possible outcomes for all children. It is a chance for parents to have a say and be involved in the running of the school; a group run by parents, for parents.

Parent Voice provides a networking opportunity for attendees to share ideas, discuss policies and be involved in decisions about school.  The group is a two-way communication channel between attendees and the teaching and management team.


Any parent or carer can attend Parent Voice, and there is no expectation to attend every meeting.  The meetings shall be chaired by one of the attendees, on a rota basis.  On occasion, guests may be invited to attend a meeting to discuss specific topics or new policies or initiatives.


There will be at least one meeting each term.  In order that all parents or carers have an opportunity to attend a meeting, there will be a morning and evening meeting (9am or 7pm) on the same day, following the same agenda.  The minutes of both meetings will be prepared and circulated shortly thereafter.  A call for agenda items will be made prior to the meeting in order that the agenda can be prepared and circulated in good time so that attendees have timely access to information.


It is important to come to the meeting with a positive attitude.
Treat attendees and guest speakers/visitors with respect.
Each attendee should have the opportunity to express their views and all sensitive and confidential matters must be kept within the meeting and not discussed elsewhere.
Be patient and listen to others points of view.
Assigned tasks will be completed within the agreed timeframe.
Switch off (or make silent) all mobile phones.  In case of emergencies, please leave the meeting to take your call.
It is not the purpose of Parent Voice to discuss concerns or grievances pertaining to an individual or partner organisation.  Please refer to the school’s complaints policy.


Please find our documentation in the side bar of the page.


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