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Thank you to all the parents who came into school and bought from the book bus on library opening day. The book bus was a massive hit! We spend our commission on lots of new books for the story cottage.



They played 6 matches, winning 2 and drawing 4.

The team scored 6 goals, 4 in one match! They only had two scored against them. Defending was great and there were many shots at the goal, missing by a fraction. They whole team played as a team, supporting each other and making fair decisions. One being allowing the only girl on the team, Evalyn, to take a penalty kick.

It was extremely close and only I point between first and second place!

Thank you to all the adults who supported and transported the pupils to and from the festival, it is greatly appreciated.

Football Fest Yr 6

Well Done!

To the whole team Evalyn, William, Fenn, Cordell, Josh, Finley, George and Alfie


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