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Last week 4 children from year 5 were selected to attend the Sports Leaders conference in Wellingborough. Over 100 children from other schools were there and the intention of the day was for them to learn sports leadership techniques and try out some new inclusive sports such as goal ball, sitting volley ball and new age curling.

During this conference the children also heard a talk and completed a training session with a GB footballing Paralympian. He told his us his heart breaking but inspirational story, and then stayed to give out autographs and have photographs with all children. Coby, Megan, Erin and Cameron were exceptional throughout. They had a wonderful time and can’t wait to put everything into action as they become Irchester Sports Leaders in the very near future. 


This week, Irchester students took part in 2 sporting competitions. The first was a year 5/6 netball tournament at Wollaston school. Only 3 teams were in attendance so we played everybody twice. The 8 children involved, played with great determination and spirit, and finished the tournament in first place, winning on goal difference. A big congratulations go to Orla (captain), Demi, Libby, Penny, Mattie, Caiden, Archie and Jaan.

Following on from the success on the netball court, came a very impressive victory at a large year 3 and 4 hockey tournament at Wrenn Academy. 6 children took part, and with their hard work and passion, won all of their games. This exceptional performance means that they are officially the best school hockey team in East Northants, and in July, will represent the district in a level 3 competition – the first competition of its kind, that Irchester School have ever qualified for. A huge well done to Kye (Captain), Ronnie, Fenn, Hannah, Hazel and Katie.


Today, I had the privilege of taking 6 budding hockey players to a cluster tournament at Wollaston Secondary School. Mr Higginson came too, as he had been coaching them in the weeks leading up to the event.

The children were nervous and apprehensive, as they had only been playing hockey for a few weeks, and had never competed against another school before.

However, this did not show on the pitch. From start to finish, all 6 children gave every ounce of strength and energy they had. They sprinted up and down tirelessly, they went in for crunching tackles, they communicated well, they scored sublime goals and they defended with great courage. Consequently, they won all of their pool games and finished at the top of their group. Following this, they breezed through their semi-final, and were finally given 2 minutes to pause for a drinks break!

The children knew that the upcoming final would be their toughest contest yet, as they lined up against an ‘all boys’ Denton team. It was a real challenge and despite heroic defending, and the children quite literally putting their bodies on the line for their team, we narrowly lost 2-1, meaning that we finished 2nd out of 8 teams. Even though the children didn’t quite win the whole tournament, Mr Higginson and I were so very proud of them all. Their attitude and passion for the sport was second to none, and they represented their school in an honourable and enthusiastic manner. A special thank you goes to all of the supporters who turned out to encourage and cheer the children on. They could not have done this without you!

Well done to Katie and Hazel-Mae who defended with great bravery throughout, stopping goal scoring opportunities on many occasions.

Well done to Hannah for her brilliant movement and superb spatial awareness which helped the team to keep good shape throughout.

A big pat on the back goes to Ronnie and Fenn, who broke through the defence, time and time again, scoring some brilliant goals.

…And finally, a big congratulations goes to Kye who captained the team and won Irchester’s player of the tournament award for his tireless effort, last ditch tackles and exceptional skill in all 5 of our games.

We can’t wait to do it all again next week!

Miss Fitch (PE co-ordinator and year 4 teacher)


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