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A massive congratulation to Mrs Guy for the last 15 years service to the council as Irchester's School Crossing Patroller. Thank you for always being so friendly and kind.

It was my pleasure this morning to present your School Crossing Patroller, Sandra Guy with a Long Service certificate and gift vouchers in recognition of her 15 years of dedicated service.

After enjoying a couple of years of retirement, Sandra was lucky enough to be successful in applying for the SCP post and started working for Northamptonshire Highways on 18th April 2006. The role allows her to maintain her fitness and to provide a valuable community service. She is very engaging with the parents/children and was welcomed back with open arms after the lockdowns over the past 12 months. 

In recent years as the service declined there was a successful local campaign to keep her in post and I think that it is indicative of how well she is respected by the local community that funding was secured for her post.

She loves her job and always puts the safety of the children before anything else. She has a conscientious approach to the role and is a credit to the service.

Whilst taking the pictures, three ladies stopped to congratulate Sandra and asked if it would be shared on social media.

Keith Millard - Northamptonshire Highways

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